Apport 2021 - 006

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Apport 2021 - 006
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Apport 2021 - 006




FAB16 Montréal (2021)




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Alec Mathewson

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LCC Fab Lab

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CARDBOARD CODE CREATIVITY : creative programming / creative electronics


In this multi-session and collaborative experimentation workshop, we will challenge you to explore creative programming while developing learning experiences with code, cardboard, and electronics. Join special guests Kreg Hanning (Scratch / MIT) & Brian Silverman (Playful Invention Company / MIT) as we look at the design of educational technology that is deceptively simple yet potent enough to scale into various creative workflows.

Kicking off this workshop will be an introduction of a new general-purpose microcontroller board tentatively called the CraftyBits Gio which is programmable through a scratch-like environment and— surprise—LOGO. This board is designed to provide a fresh approach to programming hardware for teachers, artists, and tinkerers of all types. The simplicity of the CraftyBit Gio is what makes it so appealing—there’s no avrdude in sight.

Learn how its design can be used to maximize the time spent exercising creativity while making, tinkering, and embedding electronics and code into objects. Experiment with us and share your experiences with the CraftyBit Gio platform at Fab16.

SESSION 1 - Aug 9 (TBD) - Introduction to microworld design & CraftyBit Gio platform. Design challenge announced.

This first session is open to anyone who wants to learn more about designing tools for microworlds or exchange ideas on creative-technical experiences with code and electronics.

SESSION 2 - Aug 10 (TBD) - Debugging and evaluating. reviewing progress with CraftyBit Gio platform.

SESSION 3 - Aug 12 (TBD) - Share and reflect creations with CraftyBit Gio platform

Sessions 2 & 3 will focus on what participants have been creating with CraftyBit Gio platform and to share reflections on the experience.

FLsQ Labs... Here is a form to express interest in this workshop.


Contributeurs Types Contributions
Kreg Hanning CraftyBits Gio board designer - (MIT / Scratch)
Brian Silverman Progammer & co-creator - (MIT / Playful Invention Co.)

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Défis et besoins

Help finding Fab16 hubs to ship boards to.

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This workshop will use a dedicated microcontroller board which will be shipped to Fab Labs who will participate during Fab16. Requires 3 workshop sessions:

1) introduction 2) brainstorming / debugging 3) presenting & sharing

Workshops need to be held in Afternoon as Kreg is working from California.

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